To BlackHat or Not to BlackHat

I decided to bring this topic up, im sure it has been cover a large number of times before, however i don't feel it has been covered by someone who trialled both methods and had mixed emotions about the two.

I Currently own a Personal website, Yes its in a market that i have a major hobby in, this being Car Stereo's, It costs me money to run the website, it costs me money to host the website, the domain costs me money, and sad to say, i dont make any money off the website what-so-ever, and probably will never really profit from this site, except for maybe the few dollars here and there.

This does not bother me one bit, because Car Audio is one of my biggest hobbies, and i like sharing my knowledge when possible, about anything in which i have the experience, I guess this is why i did IT Support for so many years, it was a forfilling experience everytime you solve an issue that has someone at the point of ripping out their hair, and i guess i just enjo y assisting people when possible.

However, i feel im getting rather off topic here, About a year ago i was talking with one of my mates regarding the best ways to make money online. He suggested to me, purchase a few domain names, try and increase their pagerank by loading up wordpress & writing articles relating to the domain, or i can pay someone to write articles for me, chuck on a few google ads and hope for the best, So i did this... 4 months down the track, i had about 10 pages visits total, over 200 articles, and nothing to show for it, i guess the market was either not that special, OR i was just too late to get into that niche, It seems That WhiteHat method had failed me..

The disappointment of this failure led me to speak with another friend, who has shown me (in the past) how he managed to get front page on google for a random keyword, which i thought was pretty cool, So i ventured down this path for a bit.

My mate suggested adding a large number of keywords hidden to the bottom of all my websites, so i tried this too, WOW, it seemed to work ok, i got some more page visits, and a few bucks from google here and there, but still nothing to write home about. So, i was let down again, BlackHat Failed me this time... :( oh the disappointment.

My summary on Blog writing is simple, Yes there is money involved, however using either blackhat OR whitehat methods is 99% of the time going to help very little if you are trying to get your foot into such a bit Niche market. Try market something that isnt very common, To find a relatively untouched market, go to google and searth "allintitle:YOUR KEYWORD" and Click Search, On the right it will say "Results *-* of about A NUMBER (this is what you want to be VERY LOW). For example...:
"allintitle:make money online" Returns; Results 1 - 50 of about 856,000.
This is probably a niche market you should not bother trying to get your foot into.

However, lets say you enjoy... Woodwork... and lets just go with someone simple here, Search for. how to make a treehouse:
"allintitle:how to make a treehouse" Returns; Results 1 - 32 of 32.
This is definately something you could get into, with out a problem, and if you make e-books on how to build a safe sturdy Treehouse, and sell it for $$ you might not see much of a profit, but im sure you would make more then if you tried to blog abo ut ways to make money =)

The niche market im trying to get into (car audio) is going to be a hard one to crack, however i havent put any effort into trying to build a PR yet, and i still have a fair few pages indexed in google, so that is a good start i guess, i get approx 50 visits a month to a site i don't promote, and have failed to keep updated (yes i made a mistake, however i will be fixing that up as soon as i finish writing this blog post :))

I hope you find this blog post useful, i am trying to get better at writing blogs, and i look forward to writing alot more blogs in the future.

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